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Release date: 
January 1, 2012

Spring 2012 witnesses the group's return with stupendous new album One Day I'm Going To Soar and a series of hotly-awaited shows. With the name streamlined from Dexys Midnight Runners to Dexys, the genesis of the reinvention lies in the period following the group's acclaimed live performances of 2003.
An important breakthrough was Rowland's decision to collaborate with keyboard player Mick Talbot; the former Style Council founder had also played on the 2003 dates and briefly been a member of the Dexys' line-up way back in 1980. With Pete Schwier and Rowland, Talbot is the album co-producer. "Mick has given his all to Dexys," says Rowland. "I've been very impressed by his care, attention and commitment."

As the songs took shape, Rowland gathered together the team of contributors who now constitute Dexys 2012. These include such stalwarts of earlier line-ups as co-writer/horn player Jim Paterson, bass-player and singer Pete Williams and violinist Lucy Morgan (the latter two also participated in the 2003 live dates). It was Lucy who suggested the band use string arranger Ben Trigg for the album.

With a new retro inspired look, the group's dynamic has been upped by the presence of actress/singer Madeleine Hyland as co-vocalist on dialogue-driven duets such as I'm Always Going To Love You and Incapable Of Love.

One Day I'm Going To Soar was made over a period of months at The Premises in Rowland's east London neighbourhood. Rowland adopted certain method acting techniques to enhance his performance, taking photographs of the songs subjects, or artefacts that would help him access the relevant emotion, while he, Talbot and Williams - all natty dressers - competed with each other in wearing stylish clothes.

"Everyone was dressed interestingly; it made us all step up," says Rowland, who understands like few others the importance of visuals in popular music.

The association with highly respected fashion photographer Chiko Ohayon is particularly interesting. Rowland was introduced to Ohayon at the retro club-night Lady Luck by DJ El Nino. Ohayon's cover image communicates the sophistication, style and substance of One Day I'm Going To Soar with ease.

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